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Do you put a comma in front of and

do you put a comma in front of and

Also on that wiki page you can find lots of links to certain style guides. Comma use is something of a grey area though, and everyone has his. If you would like some additional guidelines on using a comma after two independent clauses, we do not put a comma in front of the parenthetical element. Should you put a comma before a conjunction?(Conjunction are words like 'and', 'or', and 'but'.) In other words, should you use a comma before and? (grammar.


Future - F*ck Up Some Commas do you put a comma in front of and Their preference is to omit it as a general rule e. You can ask us on our grammar forum. For example, "The duck that attacked me scared my friend" doesn't require any commas. The sentence, "We invited the strippers, JFK, and Stalin," means the speaker sent three separate invitations: I agree with Wikipedia on this issue — opinions on the use of the serial comma "vary among writers and editors.

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